Catering Menu

Box Lunch:
includes any sandwich
potato chips, purple cabbage slaw
and a chocolate chip cookie
free delivery downtown
minimum order: 5 boxes

Vegetarian Sandwich Platter
tomato tapenade, cucumber/brie and chickpea spread sandwiches
$45 (feeds 6)
$90 (feeds 12)

Meaty Sandwich Platter
turkey, ham, tuna and duck sandwiches
$48 (feeds 6)
$96 (feeds 12)

Combo Sandwich Platter
turkey, ham, tomato tapenade and cucumber/brie sandwiches
$46 (feeds 6)
$92 (feeds 12)

Chocolate Sandwich Platter
$15 (6 two-inch portions)
$30 (12 two-inch portions)

Family-Style Salads:
choose from kale/quinoa salad, purple cabbage/beet slaw or brown rice/seasonal vegetable salad.
$3/person, minimum 10 people.
Bottled water, cans of San Pellegrino: $2

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