Baguette Sandwiches
turkey + brie + cucumber + creme fraiche $7.50
house cured ham + gruyere + butter $7.50
country pate + cornichons + mustard $8
tuna salad + hardboiled egg $7.50
tomato tapenade + basil + mozzarella $7.50
duck confit + cranberry relish + shredded cabbage $9
cucumber + brie $7
pesto chicken salad + romaine $7.50
chickpea spread + pickles + romaine $7.50
chocolate + sea salt + olive oil $7

Kaiser Roll Sandwiches
roast beef + pickles + horseradish crema $7.50
daily breakfast sandwich $7.50

ham melt w/ pickles, gruyere + dijon $8
turkey melt w/ cranberry relish + brie $8
tuna melt w/ gruyere $8
tomato tapenade + basil + mozzarella $8
pastrami w/ smoked cheddar, pickles and dijon $8
pesto chicken melt w/ fresh mozzarella + cherry tomatoes

Big, Meaty Salads*
roast beef w/ gorgonzola, celery, red onions and sunflower seeds $8
chicken pesto salad w/ pumpkin seeds and cucumber $8
tuna salad w/ moroccan olives, boiled egg and sunflower seeds $8
turkey OR ham w/ avocado, gruyere, tomatoes and pumpkin seeds $8
chickpea salad with feta, cucumbers, red onion and sunflower seeds $8

* served on romaine hearts w/ champagne vinaigrette

Power Salad $7.50
choose a side salad from the deli case and add either chickpea spread, chicken salad or tuna…comes topped with hard-boiled egg, avocado and sunflower seeds.

Vegetable Side Salads $3/half pint
Tuna, Chicken or Chickpea Side Salad $4/half pint
Soup $3 cup or $5.50 bowl
Chips $1.50 (Tim’s Cascade potato chips)
Drinks¬†bottled water, San Pellegrino lemon, aranciata and mineral water, Dry Soda rhubarb or cucumber, Reed’s Ginger Ale; Stewart’s Rootbeer; Nantucket Nectar Half &Half or cranberry juice

Smoothies $4.25
Berry (with frozen bananas, coconut water and yogurt)
Mango (with frozen bananas, coconut water and yogurt)
Pineapple (with frozen bananas, coconut water and yogurt)
Kale (with frozen bananas, coconut water and mango)

Fresh Pressed Juice $5.50 (12 oz)
Red (made with beets, grapefruit, ginger, lemon and carrots)
Green (made with kale, cucumber, lemon, parsley, jalapeno, celery and apple)

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