We are a unique sandwich shop serving European-inspired baguette and panini sandwiches, fresh, hearty salads and homemade soups. We use simple ingredients, consciously raised meat and artisan bread to prepare creative combinations at fair prices for busy downtown lunchers.

Addy’s Sandwich Bar started as a food cart in 2009, four blocks away in the Alder St. food cart pod. My goal was to provide quick, simple, quality baguette sandwiches like you would find in Europe, so I put together a menu of sandwiches along those lines. In 2013 I sold the cart and moved into 911 SW 10th Ave. Now we offer an expanded menu that includes power salads, panini sandwiches, soups, leafy green salads, smoothies, breakfast options and a few sweets. I’m proud to source from these purveyors:


Baguettes: Little T American Baker

Ciabattas: Boulart

Wheat Pita: made in-house

Vegetables: Groundwork Organics, Duck Delivery

Ham: house-cured and roasted using Carlton Farms pork

Gruyere: Swiss, cave-aged, raw milk

Turkey: Norbest turkey breasts, roasted on-site

Brie: soft-ripened, 60% butterfat

Country Pate: made with pork shoulder, liver and fat from Carlton Farms

Tuna: Wild Planet canned albacore

Eggs: Wilcox Farms

Pastrami: Niman Ranch

Mozzarella: whole milk, Grande Cheese Company, Wisconsin

Duck Confit: made on-site with Maple Leaf duck legs

Chicken Salad: made with SP Provisions' Cascade Natural chicken legs

Chocolate: Felchlin Cru Hacienda Elvesia Organic 74%

Roast Beef: SP Provisions' Cascade Farms eye of round, roasted on-site