Food Details

Baguettes: Little T American Baker
Kaisers and Ciabattas: Fleur De Lis Bakery
Vegetables: Groundwork Organics, Duck Delivery
Ham: house-cured and roasted using Carlton Farms pork
Gruyere: Swiss, cave-aged, raw milk
Turkey: Norbest turkey breasts, roasted on-site
Brie: soft-ripened, 60% butterfat
Country Pate: made with pork shoulder, liver and fat from Carlton Farms
Tuna: Wild Planet canned albacore
Eggs: Wilcox Farms
Mozzarella: whole milk, Grande Cheese Company, Wisconsin
Duck Confit: made on-site with Maple Leaf duck legs
Chicken Salad: made with SP Provisions‘ Cascade Natural chicken legs
Chocolate: Felchlin Cru Hacienda Elvesia Organic 74%cascade natural
Roast Beef: SP Provisions‘ Cascade Farms eye of round, roasted on-site

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