cool new compostable water bottles!


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  1. dane k Says:

    “compostable” in a landfill, or an actual compost pile?

    a lot of the compostable plastic replacement items out there aren’t compostable unless they are put in an actual compost facility… they don’t compost if they go to a landfill

    • addybittner Says:

      The company says the bottles biodegrade in 80 days, although I’m not sure how they would react if you tossed them in a compost pile. Interestingly, my sales rep at the beverage distributor I use said the bottle disappears if you light it on fire, which could be fun.

  2. ben Says:

    are you still serving green planet water and can you tell me what distributor you got it from

  3. Joe Maristela Says:

    i really wish all plastic were compostable

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